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Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg

Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg
Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg

Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg

Lightweight Backpacking Tent - TOPWIND 1 - YELLOW. 1 PERSON - 3 SEASON - HIGH QUALITY - HIGH PERFORMANCE - LIGHTWEIGHT BACKPACKING TENT. Flysheet: 20D 360T silicone-coated, ripstop PU nylon with taped seams + UV protection - hydrostatic head: 3000mm Inner tent: 210T breathable polyester + no-see-um bug mesh Bathtub floor: 210T PU-coated polyester - hydrostatic head: 4000mm 2 x 8mm ProFlex 7001-T6 shock-corded aluminium alloy tent poles 8 x Aluminium alloy tent pegs (180mm x 9mm x 9mm) + 2 x guylines Weight: 1.85kgs. Note: the manufacturers specified total weight is 1.9kgs, but on weighing our sample tents we found this figure to - rather unusually - be slightly on the high side, with the tents generally weighing around 50g less than the manufacturers specified weight, though of course there may be very minor variations with each individual tent. The weights break down as follows.

Aluminium alloy poles: 392 grams. Tent pegs & guylines: 124 grams (aluminium pegs: 92 grams - 11.5g per peg). Total with the carry bags, guylines, pegs and compression stuff sack: 1.846kgs.

Pack Size: 42cm x 15cm. Yellow TOPWIND 1 Tent with Aluminium Tent Pegs.

This lightweight tent is available in. And comes as standard with lightweight, V-section aluminium tent pegs.

However, we do also provide the option to have the tent with our Superlite classic shepherd's crook titanium tent pegs - see our other listings. The standard V-section aluminium tent pegs weigh 11.5 grams each, whereas the 150mm x 3mm Superlite shepherd's crook titanium tent pegs weigh just 5 grams each.

I should just add that, unlike the usual cheap and nasty, cost-cutting tent pegs often packed with most small tents, the V-section aluminium tent pegs that come with our TOPWIND 1 tents are themselves of a very nice quality. The TOPWIND 1 is a one man, three season, lightweight, high quality backpacking tent. A very well designed, dome style, one person tent with a small pack size and a total weight of just 1.85kgs.

Lease do not mistake this little tent for a cheap throwaway festival tent or the very inferior quality tents often available from superstores and the like, there really is no comparison. Indeed if you are looking to compare this tent with other tents (and, I know I would), then compare it to the big brand name, very expensive tents and you will find the specifications of this tent are right up there with them... But the price is not! The real beauty of the Topwind 1 is actually its simplicity.

There is nothing complicated, nothing counter-intuitive, nothing you have to think about. The tent erects very fast and very straight forward in just a few short minutes. This tent has two large entrances, one either side, with inner tent doors that feature both full breathable polyester and no-see-um mesh, so the tent is very versatile when it comes to ventilation and air flow. This little tent features quality 8mm, ProFlex 7001-T6 aluminium alloy tent poles; these tent poles are shock-corded, strong and flexible, and anodised for even greater corrosion resistance. This TOPWIND 1 tent comes with 8 nice V-section aluminium tent pegs (which are also anodised) and 2 guylines.

The inner tent sewn-in bathtub floor measures 210cm x 90cm with high 15cm sides. Internally this one man tent is quite spacious due to the simple, but effective pole configuration. Two vestibules provide a total storage space of around 9 square feet big enough for a decent size rucksack and boots, etc.

The internal height of the tent is 100cm. All seams are taped to provide a fully waterproof seal at the stitching. All seams are double-stitched and reinforced at potential stress points. There are pitching instructions sewn into the compression stuff sack - not that we expect you will need them with this tent.

This tent is a specialist one person tent for people wanting a high quality, high performance tent that is not only incredibly practical, light enough to carry for hours on end when backpacking, but also spacious enough to provide some creature comfort. All modern lightweight tents feature a lightweight flooring fabric, and though it can be made extremely waterproof, it is much less resilient, hence much more prone to damage by sharp implements - thorns, stones, etc. Than the thicker, heavier materials employed by tents of old. I always use my polythene emergency survival bag as an additional groundsheet, and for this purpose it works extremely well.

However if I did not have this, for peace of mind, I would surely employ an additional lightweight groundsheet for the extra protection it would offer to my lightweight tent floor. STATION13 - GeerTop TOPWIND 1 Review. I have to start by saying, we love this tent. Even on just taking it out of the box it looks the part and exudes quality. A very nice waterproof compression stuff sack with a quick-release buckle roll top also features a handy carry strap.

In use the TOPWIND 1 erects incredibly quickly and easily, taking only a few minutes, and it feels truly spacious for a small one man tent. In fact we have seen so-called two man tents that seem to have less space than this lovely little tent. Now, we know the specs of the materials are good, we also know the build quality is good, but what we did not know until today was just how easy it is to erect: lay down the inner tent on the ground, and after sliding the alloy tent pole sections together, carefully feed them through the mesh sleeves, slot the pole ends into the dedicated eyelets on the four floor corner straps and the inner tent is immediately up and free-standing. Peg the inner tent down at the four corners, drape the flysheet over the top and clip it to the inner tent buckles and the tent is up.

An absolute dream to erect. Once the flysheet is pegged out the tent is ready to use. Please note that the mesh pole sleeves travel for most of the length of the inner tent. We like this because it holds the shape of the inner tent much better than tents with just a couple of clips or ties that can allow the inner tent to sag in areas.

The full length mesh sleeves of the TOPWIND 1 completely eliminates sagging areas and hence gives the tent a much roomier feel. There are ties on the inner of the flysheet to secure it to the poles, this stops the flysheet moving out of alignment with the poles if it's a bit blowy. The TOPWIND 1 is free-standing once the poles are inserted - you can the pull the inner tent slightly tighter as you peg it down. The two aluminium alloy poles do a good job of providing ample internal space and the crossing poles form a very stable framework. The angle of the alloy poles means that the inner tent does not come down too shallow at the head, foot or sides, so even though the floor is only 90cm wide it does not feel at all cramped.

The TOPWIND 1 is nice and bright and does feel deceptively big and airy for a one person tent. In feet and inches I'm 5'11" and the length was extremely good for me, with around 6 inches to spare, so it should certainly comfortably accommodate someone up to around 6'3"/6'4. The inner tent is primarily breathable polyester fabric, with two mesh triangles right in the middle at the top to allow air flow. The inner tent, like the flysheet, has a large entrance either side, and what is nice is that each door is a double door - that is, each door has both a full polyester fabric AND a mesh door.

Hence you can either open just the polyester door and leave the bug net door closed, open both or leave both closed - great for both air circulation and heat control, and indeed privacy. Although the full polyester inner does make the TOPWIND1 marginally heavier, it also makes for a considerably warmer tent than tents featuring full no-see-um bug mesh inner tents. There are also two vents at the top of the flysheet that can be propped open. Our tent only weighs 1.846kgs, and that is including all the various bags, pegs, guy ropes and very nice compression stuff sack complete with strap handle. Of course, for the minimalist backpacker, the overall trail weight can be reduced further by removing all the bags, straps, compression stuff sack, etc. This tent is available in either yellow or red, and while some people may prefer a more subdued colour, I personally like a nice bright, cheerful interior to my tent, it makes it feel bigger and less claustrophobic. Unless you are discreet camping or wild camping whereby an olive green tent or one of our a camouflage tents.

Would better suit your needs, from a safety point of view, bright coloured tents can effectively be life savers. Should you ever suffer a mishap when up a mountain or out in the wilds, you can always use your brightly coloured tent to attract the attention of potential rescuers - worth bearing in mind! This really is a cracking little one person tent, and all in all we feel that this tent is going to be a very hard tent to better in this weight/price range. IMPORTANT : The tents that we supply are genuine GeerTop Tents, made of high quality materials and manufactured to the specifications detailed. However, we should point out that there are other manufacturers in China that copy designs but use inferior materials and cut corners on construction and labour (there appears to be no laws against this in China).

For example, we have seen numerous outwardly identical versions of the TOPWIND 1 advertised, that you could easily be fooled into thinking is the exact same tent, but at a far better price... Things are not always as they seem, and on closer inspection you will find cost-cutting is evident and indeed is the reason for the seemingly better value - you will not actually be getting better value, rather you will be getting a cheaper tent for a reason. There can be blatant differences or subtle differences, but all can affect reliability and performance. Is a small family run business and as such our good name and indeed our reputation is very important to us.

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  • Model: Topwind 1
  • Modified Item: No
  • Style: Dome
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Main Colour: Yellow
  • Season: 3 Season
  • Berth: 1 Person
  • Material: Nylon
  • Brand: Geertop
  • Sleeping Areas: 1
  • Type: Aluminium Tent Pegs
  • Type of Tent: Double Skin
  • Features: Lightweight

Lightweight 1 Man Tent Backpacking Tent Camping 3 Season YELLOW 1.85kg